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Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009


8:00-RegistrationUnited Nations University(UNU)
9:00-9:30Opening Session
Welcome Remarks by Yoko Kitazawa(PARC, JAPAN)
video presentation by Pierre Calame(FPH, France)
United Nations University(UNU)
U Thant International Conference Hall
9:30-11:00Plenary Session 1
"Solidarity Economy from the Global Perspective"

Latin America :Daniel Tigel(Solidarity Economy, Brasil)
North America & Canada : Vincent Dagenais(Groupe d'economie solidaire du Quebec:GESQ)
Australia: David Thompson (Jobs Australia)
EU: Yvon Poirier & Martine Theveniaut( Lux'09 Worshop 7)
11:15-12:45Plenary Session 2
"Solidarity Economy from the Asian Perspective"

Philippines: Ben Quinones(CSRSME Asia)
Malaysia: Dr. Denison Jayasooria
India: Ila Shah(Self Employed Women's Association:SEWA)
Japan: Nishikawa Jun
Korea: Jang Won Bong(Korea Foundation for Social Investment)
United Nations University(UNU)
U Thant International Conference Hall
13:45-14:30Special Speech
gSolidarity Economy in the Context of Globalization"

Dr. Vandana Shiva(Ecogist, INDIA)
United Nations University(UNU)
U Thant International Conference Hall
14:30-16:00Plenary Session 3
"Alternative Development Approaches & Solidarity Economy"

Social Finance & Solidarity Economy, by Bernd Balkenhol, ILO
Globalization of Social Finance, by Viviane Vandemeulebroucke(INAISE:International Association of Investors in the Social Economy)
Microfinance by Micol PistelliiMicrofinance Information Exchange, Inc. :MIXj
Japan: Socially Responsible Finance, by Mariko Kawaguchi(Daiwa Soken)
16:10-17:30Plenary Session 4
"Social Enterprises: Facets of Solidarity Economy"

Social responsible small & medium enterprise in Philippines,by Quinones, CSRSME Asia
Japanese socially responsible entrepreneur and womens power by Chigusa Fujiki, Workers collective Network Japan
The role of Intermediary organization supporting to Social Enterprises in Korean,by Ha Jung Eun, Work together Foundation, Korea
The possibilities of social bussiness by Ohdaka Kenmichi
United Nations University(UNU)
U Thant International Conference Hall
18:00-19:30 Reception (Light Meal and Drink)
United Nations University(UNU)
Reception Hall

9:00-12:00Thematic Workshop-
Workshop A
A.?? Social Finance/Microfinance & solidarity Economy

Chair: Prof. Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi(Takasaki Economic UNIV., JAPAN)
Opening : Mr. Tsuchiya Kazuyuki (A SEED JAPAN)
Role of Social Financing and Networks : Ms. Viviane VandemeulebrouckeiINAISE:International Association of Investors in the Social Economy)
Social Financing in Asia : Ms. Tes PilapiliOikocredit Southeast Asiaj
Social Investment Fund from Japan for developing countries : Ms. Kono Satoko(ARUN)
Microfinancing for self reliance of the poor : Mr. Park Mun Boon (Korean Social Solidarity Bank)
Womens' bank in Japan : Ms. Eiko Mukaida (Women & Citizen community Bank)
Aoyama Gakuin University
Workshop B
Fair Trade & Solidarity Economy

Chair : Prof. Tatsuya Watanabe (Tokyo University of Economics., JAPAN)
Trajectory of Fair Trade Movement in Europe : Rudi Dalvai (former president, WFTO & founder, CTM-Altromercato)
Fair Trade as North-South Solidarity from Producer Perspective : Chandra Prasad Kachchipati (Rep., Sana Hastakara, Nepal & president, WFTO-Asia)
Solidarity between Producer Cooperatives and Consumer Cooperatives : Makoto Ueda (Manager, Alter Trade Japan)
Product Development as a Means to Broaden Customer Base- Global Campaigning: Conscientizing Consumers and Working on Media : Michiko Ono (Public Relations Officer, People Tree)
Aoyama Gakuin University
Workshop C
Social Welfare & Solidarity Economy

Chair : Mr. Nobumasa Kitajima(Chief of the secretariat Asia-Pacific Health Cooperative Organization)
Microinsurance for the poor in India : Speaker from India
Choice of China in the aged society : Ms. Chin Shuo (Urawa UNIV.)
Medical Cooperative for poor people in Korea : Mr. Kim Song-Fun (Medical cooprative)
Social enterprise of medical/care survices in community : Ms. Mariko Kohmaru("Tasukeai-club)
Local network of Medical and Nursing Care : Mr. Hiromichi Matsumoto(Sho-nai medical cooprative)
Aoyama Gakuin University
Workshop D
Agriculture and Local iniciative & Solidarity Economy

Chair : Mr. Tadaaki Ooe(journalist, board member of Pacific Asia Resource Center)
People's activities and small bussiness in Japanese local area : Mr. Tadaaki Ooe
Formation of Local market in Thailand : Mr. Bamurung Kayota (Thai farmers network)
Eco-fariming in Korea : Mr. Kon Young-gun (Korean Institute for the Study of Rural Societies (KISRS))
Womens' Action in the rural solidarity : Anggraeni Irawati Hermantyo(Bina SwadayaFSelf Reliance Development Foundation(Indonesia))
Aoyama Gakuin University
Workshop E
International Regulation of Global Economy--" International Solidarity Levy"

Chair : Mr. Takehiko Uemura (Yokohama City UNIV.)
International Regulation to the Global Economy : Jun Nishikawa(Professor emeritus, Waseda University)
2) Reform to International Finance system : Mr. Ko Gye-Hyeon (Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, KOREA)
Reguration to finance and Re-distribution of wealth : Mr. Tohru Morotomi(Kyoto UNUV.)
Action for achievement of " International Solidarity Levy"-- in Japan, Asia and global revel : Mr. Takehiko Uemura (Yokohama City UNIV.)
Aoyama Gakuin University
13:15-15:00Plenary Session 5
"Social Performance Management"

Chair: Ben Quinones
by Laura Foose, International Coordinator, Social Performance Task Force
Tokyo Women's Plaza
15:00-16:00Plenary Session 6
"AFSE Tokyo Declaration, submission by AFSE Japanese committee

19:00-21:00 Business Meeting of the Asian Alliance for Solidarity Economy (by Invitation)

Akasaka Morroud Inn

9th Nov. -10th Nov.
(1nights accommodation included)
Tour 1
Organic Farming & Solidarity Economy in Ogawa-machi
We visit Simosato Farm which practices strictly gIntegration of Agriculture with Livestockh and hCirculation Agricultureh for 38 years. This effort started from one farmhouse has spread to other local farms and brought cooperation with indigenous industry. It made Ogawa-machi well known as gVillage of Organic Agricultureh. This tour shows the site that has been building the economy connecting people to people, what is called Solidarity Economy, through agriculture. (Ogawa-mati, Saitama Pref.)

9th Nov. 10:00-16:00
1 DAY Tour
Tour 2
Making small businesses locally ---Visiting the Field Sites of Social Enterprises in Yokohama city
This tour takes you to the field sites such as recycle business by retired men and workers collective business by women in Yokohama city Kanagawa pref. How social enterprises should be, the difficulty to run the business, new movement and relationships built from involvements of various people, etcc Why donft you rethink your own hometown and business with listening to the real voice in the fields?

9th Nov. 10:00-15:00
1 DAY Tour
Tour 3
Social Finance and Citizen Enterprises Mutuality of Welfare Network in Atsugi City
Elder care, recycle, childcare, housework support, multi-cultural society, transport servicec gNecessary services for their lifeh made by citizens is being expanded in Atsugi City. This tour goes around the sites of various citizen enterprises that are made by peoplefs knowledge and money. (Atsugi City, Kanagawa Pref.)

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