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Solidarity Economy in Japan

We have various cases of Solidarity Economy in Japan. Some of them are done in rural area, although people is suffering from depopulation and decline of agriculture. And we also have very unique peoples' movement ; "consumer coopratives". They had been tring to support Japanese farmers, to solve environment issues, etc. Nowdays the movement became important sector to realise Solidarity Economy in Japan. In this corner, we introduce some of thier activities from Japan in advance of "Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009, Japan".

Enhancing the Culture of Self-management in the Milieu of Local Civil Society

by Kyoko Mataki

This article aims to introduce and examine the experiments of workers' collectives in Astugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The project of workers' collective in Atsugi began in 1982 through the initiatives of 128 women. Read more


Women's Initiatives in Community Business

by Inoue Reiko

Potential forces for Solidarity Economy in Japan include consumer cooperatives, worker collectives, NPOs providing social services to the aged, handicapped, and sick, and mutual pension and insurance systems.Read more


Leaf-Business by aged women in rural village

by Tadaaki Ooe

This is Kamikatsu town in Tokushima Prefecture, the Eastern edge of the Shikoku island region of West Japan--partly facing the Pacific Ocean and close to Osaka. It usually takes 1 hour 45 minutes to get there from Tokushima Station, Read more


Homeless Charity fights hopelessness
with Coffee and Consultations

In a quiet neighborhood in Iidabashi the scent of coffee drifts through the air. It is a quiet suburb,located for ease of access directly between East and West Tokyo. Read more

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