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Welcome to Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy 2009!

The Solidarity Economy (SE) is an alternative framework for economic development that is based on the principles of solidarity, equity in all dimensions, participatory democracy, sustainability, and pluralism. The solidarity economy framework seeks transformation rather than band-aid solutions, yet rejects an one-size-fits-all blueprint.It isn't an abstract theory nor pie-in-the-sky utopianism. Rather, it pulls together and builds upon the various elements of solidarity-based economy that already exist. Some are new innovations,some are old, and we already have a variety of experiences in Asia.And the journey of creation is ongoing.We look forward to seeing you there !!

November 7-10, 2009
United Nation University(UNU), AOYAMA GAKUIN University, TOKYO JAPAN


One-day symposium entitled "The End of Neoliberalism and Solidarity Economy"in Tokyo. This was a meeting to share perspectives on the current global economic crisis and to discuss the solidarity economy worldwide as a possible counter movement with its Japanese protagonists and practitioners.

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Leaf-Business by aged women in Kamikatsu village, Tokushima pref.
By Tadaaki Ooe
(journalist/president,COMMONS publishing company)

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